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Centrifugal Pump Skid Diesel Engine Driven


Centrifugal Pump Skid Diesel Engine Driven

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BETTER offers its pumps mounted on skid packages horizontal electric, vertical electric, close coupled electric, horizontal diesel, overhead belt and side belt, and wired with starters, if so desired.

The horizontal electric skid package are fabricated on a steel channel base; side overhead belt skid package are mounted on a small footprint; vertical electric skid package require the least space; close coupled horizontal model also require the least space to mount and eliminate pump & driver alignment concerns.

BETTER horizontal centrifugal pump electrical motor driven are popular required in handling abrasive mud in drilling, well-servicing and all kinds of fluid pumping industrial application, as more powerful, more durable and easier to maintain. It always uses for transferring the drilling fluid or mud/slurry with some solids or sea water.

BETTER horizontal centrifugal pump skid, not only works single as transfer pump, or circulating mud pump, or sludge pump for mining, slurry, HDD, but also, it is combined with shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, mud hopper as a feeding pump for mud mixing unit or mud recycling systems; and it is also mounted on frac truck as frac suction pump, or on triplex mud pump as charging pump and spraying pump, or on the drilling rig truck as drilling pump, etc.


Example 1:
  • BETTER BT-SB Mission Magnum 6x5x14 Centrifugal Mud Mixing Pump
  • CAT 3304 diesel engine
  • Radiator
  • Fuel Tank
  • Skid Mounted
  • Note: This can be used with Triplex pump to work with it
Example 2:
  • Caterpillar C9 @ 300 hp, C7.1 @ 170 hp, or C4.4 @ 129 hp diesel engine
  • Twindisc SP 211 or SP214 manual clutch
  • BETTER Mission Magnum I centrifugal pump 6x5x14, 8x6x12, 10x8x14
  • Suction / Discharge manifold with FMC BF valve
  • Derakane 470 coated manifold for HCL service
  • Available for acid HCL service
  • Murphy MPC10 engine controller
  • DNV 2.7-1 certified offshore skid
Example 3:

6x8 Centrifugal Pump with Weichai Engine

  • Type: Centrifugal Pump
  • Suction: 6in
  • Discharge: 8in
  • High Head
  • Base Fuel Tank

  • Drive: WEI 3306 Turbo Diesel Engine
    • Power: 200HP
    • Full Overhaul - 0 Hours Since
    • New Bearings, Pistons, Liners
    • New Head and Valves
    • New Timing Gears

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