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Mud Pressure Gauges

Mud Pressure Gauges Mud Pressure Gauges Mud Pressure Gauges Mud Pressure Gauges
Product name : Mud Pressure Gauges
Item : BT-C-F
Country of Origin : China
Brand Name : BETTER
Standard : API 6A
Packing Details : Plywood cases


BETTER D & F type pressure gauges are polular and common tools in the drilling well, which is equivalent to OTECO/CAMARAON style. They are designed to provide a quick, accurate display of pressue for standpipe and mud pump. This style of gauge have been proved to be a tough, dependable and reliable way to monitor pump pressure.



Type D:

  Dimensions: 7-5/8 inch diameter dial case and 14-3/4 inch in height

  Pressure range: 0-6,000 psi(1000 psi, 3000 psi, 5000 psi, 6000 psi)

  Standard end connection: 2 inch NPT female threaded connection

  Interchangeable with: Cameron type ‘D’

Type F:

  Dimensions: 4-7/8 inch diameter dial case and 9-7/8 inch in height.

  Pressure range: 0-20,000 psi

  Standard end connection: 2” NPT threaded female and 1” NPT threaded male connection.

  Interchangeable with: Cameron type ‘F’



  The gauge is filled with oil to prevent corrosion and to provide lubrication to all working parts. The combined effects of the oil and the gauge dampening mechanism eliminate fluctuations of the dial due to line vibration

  Accuracy: +/-1.6, +/-2.5

  Operation temperature range of -50 to +65 Celsius degree(-50F to +150F)

  Rugged, accurate and dependable for years of trouble free service

  Available in Imperial or Metric

  2” 1502 union, flanged connection available





BETTER YK 150 pressure gauge has a large 6” fluid filled case for easy viewing at distances, and YK 100 is ideal for pump and workover rig. These gauges are easily viewable at distances of more that 60 feets.



  Model: YK100, YK100B, YK150.

  Standard capacities: 0-7MPa, 0-16MPa,0-25MPa, 0-35MPa, 0-40MPa, 0-60MPa, 0-80MPa, 0-100MPa, 0-120MPa, 0-160MPa. Other pressure ranges are available in PSI, kg/cm2, kPa, and BAR units of measure.

  Accuracy grade: +/-1.6, +/-2.5 

  Connetion: 2 inch NPT male, 1.5, 1 inch NPT female or M20*1.5, union, flanged, etc.

  Case: Fluid filled

  Operation temperature range of -45 to +55 Celsius degree.


Using for pressure indication of any liquid such as mud, water, oil, and for air or other gases


Specify for Order

*Dial capacity and scale required

*Connection type

*Dial range & metric or English reading

*Standard, H2S service, or salt water

*2” NPT connection as recommendation




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