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SB68ZJ Series Pump Replacement Parts


SB68ZJ Series Pump Replacement Parts

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XBSY SB68ZJ Series Pump Replacement Parts

At BETTER, you will find NOT ONLY bare pump, pump complete packages. We also offer replacement Centrifugal Pumps, as well as refurbishment and repair of your existing pumps bought from NOV mission magnum, Halco, O’Drill MCM, Forum Energy, Double Life, Southwest, ABCO, Mesco, TSC, Midcontinents, Dupagro or any China mission pump supplier.

BETTER offers full set of pump repairs as the following:

Hard Iron, 26% High Chrome, SS.304, SS 316 Casing, Impeller, Stuffing Box
SKF bearings
40Cr heat treated shaft
Fiber housing gaskets
Stainless steel, Ceramic coating shaft sleeve
NBR, Viton o-rings
Hard iron housing, bearing cover
Tungst.Carbide Mechanical seal
Teflon, Graphite shaft packing

Item Part NameSpecification Part No. Drawing No.

1 PlugZG1/2″ X01173002 GB3289.31-82  X01173003Chinese Flange SB68-1.1.7

2 Casing X01273002American Flange SB68JC-1.1.7  

45kW X01171002 SB68J-6.1.1

55kW X01172002 SB68J-5.1.1 50Hz

75kW X01173004 SB68J-4.1.1

45kW X11171002 SB68J-6.1.1A

55kW X11172002 SB68J-5.1.1A

3 Impeller 60Hz

75kW X11173004 SB68J-4.1.1A 1

4 Impeller Acorn NutM30×2-LH X01173005 SB68-1.1.11 1

5 Impeller Flat NutM30×2-LH X01173006 SB68-1.1.12 1

6 Impeller Flat Washer30 X01173007 SB68-1.1.13 1

7 Casing Gasket X01173008 SB68-1.1.1 1

8 StudM16×75 W01402180 GB/T899-1988 12

9 Springwasher16 W05102016 GB/T93-1987 12

10 NutM16 W03012016 GB/T41-2000 12

11 Mechanical Seal Stuffing Box X01173009 SB68J-4.1.7A 1

12 BoltM12×35 W01042123 GB/T5783-2000 8

13 Springwasher12 W05102012 GB/T93-1987 8

14 Bearing Cover Gasket X01173010 SB68-1.1.6 2

15 Inboard Bearing7314ACM W21157314 GB/T292-1994 2

16 Oil Plug X01173011 SB68-1.1.16 1

17 Shaft X01173012 SB68J-4.1.2 1

18 Rivet2×6 W40595026 GB/T827-1986 4

19 Nameplate W99116001 SBMP-ZY 1

20 Grease FittingM10×1 W16010010 JB/T7940.1-1995 1

21 BoltM8×16 W01042889 GB/T5783-2000 8

22 Springwasher8 W05102008 GB/T93-1987 8

23 Oil Seal65×90×12 W12124653 GB/T9877.1-1988 3

24 Outboard Bearing6314E W21156314 GB/T276-1994 1

25 Crclip for Shaft70 W05293070 GB/T894.1-1986 1

26 Outboard Bearing Cover baffle X01173013 SB68-1.1.20 2

27 Outboard Bearing Cover X01173014 SB68-1.1.21 1

28 Frame X01173015 SB68-1.1.23 1

29 Oil Level Gauge20×1.5 W17000020 1

30 Inboard Bearing Gasket W29010068 SB68 1

31 Bearing Lock NutM68×2-LH W03370069 GB/T812-1988 1

32 Bearing Lock Washer68 W05252068 GB/T858-1988 1

33 Inboard Bearing Cover X01173017 SB68-1.1.22 1

33A Grease Fitting90°M10×1 W16070010 JB/T7940.2-1995 1

34 Deflector W99131101 SB56-18.1.11 1

35 Gland Set X01173018 SB68J- 1

36 Shaft Sleeve X01173020 SB68J-4.1.5 1

37 O-ring55×3.1 W1111550C GB/T1235-1976 1

38 Packing12×12 W11311112 2

39 Gland BoltM12×80 W01144131 GB/T798-1988 2

40 Flatwasher12 W05010012 GB/T97.1-2002 2

40A NutM12 W03012012 GB/T41-2000 2

41 BoltM10×50 W01022096 GB/T5782-2000 2

42 NutM10 W03012010 GB/T41-2000 2

43 Rotated-proof Pin X01173021 SB68J-4.1.6 1

44 Mechanical Seal W13110003 VJ68-L 1

45 Impeller KeyC14×70 W08021470 GB/T1096-2003 1

46 Shaft Sleeve KeyC6×25 W08120625 GB/T1567-1979 1

Remarks: The below mentioned part number is used for helping our customer fast confirmation only. We are not authorized to use these part numbers on any of our pump parts.

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